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~Winston Churchill~

Sunday, June 7, 2015

New life

It takes time to build new routines when you change your life drastically. I haven't yet figured out how to work in time for hobbies or time for myself.  I still need to feel good and take care of myself.  

I finally live somewhere where I can actually trail run yet I can't seem to figure out when to run!  

Today we stayed home which was good because I needed to catch up on chores.  It also gave me time to pull out some old projects to work on between loads of laundry.

I have missed sewing, stitching and got a quick reminder to get back to it if I want to enter anything into the tri-county fair! Entries are due August 15.


Karen said...

So happy for you Amy. Wish I lived closer. I'd love to sit and stitch with you. Not to sure if I'd enjoy the trail running. Walking, sure....running not so much :)

Regena said...

can't wait to see that big ol' blue ribbon from the county fair

Denise said...

For not having any "routines" you're sure busy my friend! Remember you always need a few minutes daily for yourself. Enjoy your new life! :)

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