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~Winston Churchill~

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Home Ownership

After spending 5 years living a cramped apartment we finally bought a house. Yes, in this crazy southern California market, we bought a house. It's a buyers market for sure. He picked this house, I was ok with it. I'm happy with it but I did like one or two of the others we looked at much better. They required less work and had a look and location I liked. He however, liked the one we ended up buying. That is until today. He works hard and long hours. But for the last two days he's been home - alone. I received a text message from him saying "i'm very depressed and unhappy right now" . This cause great concern for me. This is not something I get from him unless I"ve done something wrong. So I call him and he says he's just depressed and sad about the house. That it's not perfect and that he can't turn the TV on and every where he looks he sees things that need to be fixed or changed or something. I can only say that I"m sorry I don't make it better for him only worse. I had hoped with the house that he would be happy or at lease happier with me. But it seems it is not better but worse. I am not equipped to for this. I do not understand this. The house is nice, it's clean and good shape, in a nice neighborhood. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT.