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~Winston Churchill~

Saturday, November 1, 2008

unemployment in a down economy

I would think most everyone would warn against quitting their job these days. Would they still recommend that if they were asked to do more than one person could in their job. Is it easier or better to work multiple part time jobs doing the same redundant tasks or to be working one job doing so much at one time your eyes cross. Can a person be effective in either situation?

In todays working world, it seems that employers are asking more and more of the employee. The "job" description is shifting to cover more and more of the demands of a business. How do the employees adjust, how is it managed by the employer and when do you cross the line from being effective to just being a warm body? If you become so busy that you are not allowed the luxury of putting thought and effort into actions - are you truly benefiting the company? Also, are you a concientience employee? It is as if you are walking a tight rope carrying to plates of food and theirs a flying chef just hovering to load up on of the plates to unbalance your load.

Is this "the wall"? Or is the wall when you just drop the plates and step off the rope? when do you call when?

How is this stress transfered to your health? If you get sick, is the employer benefiting? There has to be a manageable medium to this situation. Can employers afford the time and money of resource load sharing in a way that is good for them, the business and the employee?

Add in the economic struggles happening in this market and it complicates the stress of this kind of situation. What do you do when you can not do anymore?

How does this ever end? How can it be turned into a positive reaction?