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~Winston Churchill~

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm still here,

just haven't been able to get my blog groove going lately.  Keep thinking I need to post and then look fabric!

So here is a quilt I made for my father in law back in Texas.

Camera Roll-1412

I did a self binding and hand tied it rather than binding and quilting it...Yes, last minute Christmas gift needed to get done quickly.

Camera Roll-1413

Here is a little gem I picked up off of Craig's list. She is a Singer 66 Red Eye from 1923

Camera Roll-1498

Camera Roll-1499

She is really beautiful and I used a local shop that did a great job in buffing her up.

Last Friday I was able to attend the Road to California show (sadly, my dear friend Karen from SewMuch2Luv got sick and couldn't go with me).

Here is ELEANOR BURNS.  I'm such a paparazzi!

Camera Roll-1501

I was hoping she'd throw thread on me like fairy dust.

Here's the wall of Red Work Submissions for the Bird Brain Designs Challenge.
Camera Roll-1502

Here is one little item I did end up purchasing but will not get until after I go get my peepers checked at the eye doc next month, from Craft Optics.

Camera Roll-1505

Here are some of the quilts on display.

Camera Roll-1510

Camera Roll-1512

Camera Roll-1513

And finally, here is a little something I am working on right now.

Camera Roll-1515

Here is one that I have already completed.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

After Christmas Sew Along 2014

I am participating in SewMuch2Luv's After Christmas Sew Along again this year.

Here is what I've finished so far this week!

Red Santa cross stitch by Birds of Feather...I've already stitched the Black Santa and will move onto the next one soon.
 ACSA 2014 week of jan 6

I love this set of Santa's and can't wait to finish them all.

I also, have another project I'll take a picture of tonight!

You can see all the participants posts on the Flickr group here.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 Off with a Bang

Not really, but I thought I'd exaggerate.  It's now Jan 5 and I have been off work since Dec 20.  What an incredible break!  I did work some as need to solve issues, answer questions and help people out, but not being in the office for that long was nice.  Until about 4 days ago, when I started to miss my routine and started to get sick of house work and cooking.  My poor hubs has only had 4 days off since the weekend before Christmas and really appreciates a home cooked meal when he gets to be home.  Oh the wife of a lineman, it's a work of joy and love.

What have I been doing with all this time off you ask? Ok you probably didn't, but oh well, I digress.

I have sewed and finished up projects and rested and cooked and baked and visited with family and decorated and undecorated and brunched - oh my.

Here are a few of my projects.

Yoga Mat Tote

Quilt Squares from a panel I'm in love with


One nightmare of a square

Some items I picked up at the local stitching shop