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Monday, February 17, 2014

My adventures in paper piecing

So I have been working a quilt from the She Who Sews panel.  It has 15 squares and I want a square quilt not so oblong.  
So I thought I would add a square to make it more like this.

Which as you can see in the bottom left my start to making a paper pieced square.

Here are some of my experiences with paper piecing...never cut until it is ironed in place, yeas shortening the stitch makes the paper perf better but it becomes harder to undo stitches.  Uses up scraps, makes a bloody mess.

So in the end I will not be using the paper pieced block, but instead will make 15 more blocks to checker board the panels with...


As soon as I can I will link to the blog that I used the paper piecing pattern from.  She had some wonderful tutorials and I think maybe I bite off too much for a newbie to paper piecing.


Regena said...

I have never enjoyed paper piecing. glad yiu tried it. yiur quilt will be awesome when it,s done. take your time and do yourself proud, yiu will be happier with it in the end.

Karen said...

Wow....looks difficult, but your block came out awesome! Can't wait to see this quilt finished!!!