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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pre-Fourth Office Dog

So we got over the whole home buyers remorse - took a knock down drag out but we cleared the air. Today was a new day so to speak. A truce was set to have us both were our "be nice to" hats. I think perhaps we have burned ourselves out on the new home owner ship thing and begun to take out our frustrations on each other. Several people have advised that this is normal. However, my husband is OCD and and I mean every capital letter of that. Our pantry has all the can goods alphabetized and labels forward. It is a bit like sleeping with the enemy but he has good points too - like bringing me coffee in bed every morning.

Today was Dott the four legged wonders first day to work with me since we moved to the new house. She enjoys all the attention she gets from the guys. The world was right for her = the ball was thrown constantly.

Our fourth of July will hopefully be relaxing and finding some sunshine and finish putting the bulbs in the ground.

While the idea of blogging for me is not new, it is hard to see how best to make it a readable space.

I will get wittier I'm sure. Perhaps I will do some flash backs to the past while removing the names of the parties involved. It could become an erotic mess of submissive panderings from a middle aged sex addict but then again it could only be more dog stories...

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