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~Winston Churchill~

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Stanley Thermos full of hot new england dinner

My life is taking all these twists and turns lately. From happily exploring the world through glasses fogged by jet lag in business class business trips to birthing a new house for us to live in.

The craziness continues as I read through other blogs - blogs with a certain culinary flair and wonder if I can tap into my inner betty crocker to to add in my own flair of recipe undertaking.

My lunch today was prepared by my husband. He made New England boiled dinner last night. To me it is kielbasa soup. To him it is comfort. A throw back from being at home. It was combined with corn bread sticks - back in the the little corn molds even. It has fresh corn stripped from a cob left over and new potatos. It's hearty and fills the soul with far off winter feelings and chills.

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