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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bloggin along

My report on flying Air India. First the lounge, it was ok, clean but not well stocked unless you really like old pastries and Kellogg cereals. Luckily they did have heinken in those little tiny bottles. It helped because once I got the gate I needed those beers. The had a portable security check set up at the gate with it roped off down the middle. Once you went through it you were put into a cattle bin of 200 or so people all standing around mooing at each other. There was the lady listening to the knock off ipod and the absent stares out into space.

Now let's get to the flight itself. No welcome drink. Barely got a glass of water. Mind you this was in business class not in economy. I felt for those people. The plane was old and extremely dirty. My seat had some scare funky embedded in all the creavices. Glad I had some purell. Food was iffy and yet again nothing to drink with dinner or breakfast. I'm a bit dehydrated. Hate to fly and not have water to drink.

The seat I was assigned did not work in the way of reclining - at all. But the seat next me became free so I moved over. Only to have some large indian woman take it and snore next me for the next 6 hours. Again so grateful to have a wonderful husband that got me the noise cancelling headphones and ipod. They have saved more than once now. I had rented a movie from itunes and actually was able to watch what I wanted to watch on a flight - that part was great.

Landed in Frankfurt was told by the welcome agent to go to what I swear he said Gate B16. I then stand in line at passport control and go through security and get to Gate B13 and then B16. I ask some nice gate agent at B13 and she explains no it is gate B60 as in six zero. I have to back through passport control etc. I ask another gate agent wher the lounge is and he says back at gate B44 - I was like no I'm done seeing the airpot and just want to rest. My briefcase weighs a ton. So here I sit waiting out the 4 hour friggin layover our travel agent booked me and watch the people come and go. There is a strange irish men walking around in large green furry top hat and an irish flag as a cape. I suspect he is with a soccor team of some sort.

I did get a good cappacuino from the Mondo coffee bar from a nice german man that said maybe when we get a new president our dollar will be worth something again. I can not escape the political campaign anywhere. i explained we had to choose the best of two evils and he said yes it will not be better for a long time, but mean while he'd like to visit his uncle in the US while the euro was favorable.

I better check in the time has whiled away looking at how to force my wisteria to bloom.

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