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Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.

~Winston Churchill~

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Sometimes in life you realize that things are not so rosey. That maybe life is really hard. You begin to wonder about how you got here and how you are going to move forward.

Recently, I realized there was someone in my life that is truly inspiring. She's always been right there. Always. She's not a world traveller or Harvard educated, she's not a career woman or a feminist. She's my grandma. She has endured almost 90 years now. She's overcome hard times, difficult marriage, loosing her daughter, being raised on a ranch, working herself to the bone doing things most people hire someone to do.

Her hands are not a bit crippled from arthritis, she's broken her back, she has health problems.

Most of all, my grandma has strength and she is silly and fun. Most people having been through as much as she as been through would have turned sour. She is still out there garage sale hunting and seeing people and as active as she can be.

She was the only grandparent we had much contact with growing up. When we were "the accident", it was my grandma that came to help us for months. The accident was bad, it put my mom in a wheelchair for a long time. My brothers were pretty beat up too. I only had minor injuries so I spent my time with grandma. She would make me the BEST pancakes and we'd play old maid for hours.

Today she is what inspires me.

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