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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sauted Brain with Mental Juice

The last three weeks have been a challenge. I am training the FNG to take over one of my rolls at work and she's just not taking to chaos well. I've been stuck in software testing for 2 weeks and then semester end and training of the new software. The brain is a bit fried at the moment.

I have new pictures of the new backyard that was put in during this time as well as this great Strawberry shortcake cake I made from PW's recipe. I just need to find the camera cable.

Life is a bit of mess right now and I need a day or two to re-organized. Take the dry cleaning in, drop the ipod off for repairs and pick up my broken glasses at the eye doctor. I know little things that a good wife could handle for me...wait.

I did get two pillowcase dresses sewn this week and mailed. I finally dropped the NASH bag in the mail to Phyllis too. So at least I feel I have done something that I wanted to get done done.

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