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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My theory on bobbins

they tell you when you should stop.  Many times I've not listened and reloaded a bobbin and kept on sewing...only to be up to the wee hours fighting with some mundane mistake...Yes, just me, a bunched up wad of thread on the back of piece of fabric - picking away with my seam ripper.

So tonight, I started sewing up my triangles to make squares for the quilt in the book I showed you last week...I got exactly 12 blocks sewn when I ran out of bobbin thread.I see only 1 is out of alignment but it will have to wait until I've slept to resown.

Tonight I'm going to listen and go to bed.

Here they are all lined up and pretended they've been pressed and trimmed of their dog ears.


Regena said...

I am afraid I have not always listened to my bobbins either.

the quiltie is going to be so you and so cute!

Shabbby and Frills said...

I read your post and yjought about how many times I have done the same thing. I found myself at 3 30 am in my sewing room making a quick pair of Pee Pee pants for my 8 year old 2# pom. Well of course it was not quick. The first side went fine. I was almost giddy oh boy I will be done in 30 seconds. Started the next side and the bobbin was screaming at me but I kept going. You know the rest of rest of the story.
So now because of your post I will LISTEN Thank You Amy

Karen said...

You are wise beyond your years :) I too will try to listen to the bobbin :)

Denise said...

I really hate having to add more thread to a bobbin. It's a really waste of my time when I'm on a roll! I wish there were a "never empty bobbin"!