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Monday, January 9, 2012

The ugly truth about quilting

is that it requires hours of ironing that no one ever tells you about. No where do I  read in patterns or tutorials the time commitment to ironing.  Not that I mind the ironing, as I usually iron while watching a movie.  But when I see all these great blogs of quilts, all I can wonder is how do they do that?  I work a fairly demanding job, I do not have children, my husband is a little high-maintenance, I have a house cleaner and I still can't find the time to do what these other quilters do.  What is the secret to this?

When the ironed stack gets taller than the to-be-ironed stack I get almost giddy.

Then comes the trimming of the dog ears.  Yes, that's my beer.

So how do they do it? Make all those quilts in days when it takes me weeks if not months.


Karen said...

Amy....I love your home. I have fireplace envy just looking at this photo.....*sigh* I found that the rotary cutter makes quick work of the dog ears. As for the ironing....I've got nuthin' on that.

Denise said...

I hear ya Amy. I love the finished product and that the ironing makes it look so pretty, but ironing is way beyond boring....

jillytacy said...

I look with envy on all of those people and like you wonder how they do it. Maybe if I didn't work I could do it but I do. I hate ironing and only iron for the occasional craft project. Maybe that's why I'm not a quilter?!