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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Long Time, No Peeky

Sorry for the long posting pause folks.  I've been one uber busy peep.  Since my father's funeral, I've been to Ft Worth for ODI, Ohio for Work, San Jose for work and tomorrow a little down time in Palm Springs. 

However, I somehow found time to squeeze in these two little projects.

My hubs had a friend,at work, that recently had a baby girl and he asked me to make them a baby blanket.  So here it is.  I used organic cotton fleece for one side and Riley Blake's Cathedral Window fabric for the other.  Of course I had to add some pink ric rac and a Sweetwater Label.

Then on President's Day, I found 5 pounds of organic carrots for $3.99 at Whole Foods and decided I'd make some spicy pickled carrots. They did turn out pretty yummy too.  The hubs wanted some super spicy, so his have a whole habanaro in them, whereas the others just have a half of jalapeno.


Denise said...

The blankie is so cute and the carrots look yummy. I've never tried canning before!

Regena said...

Great job on all the goodies! Now, enjoy your down time in Palm Springs

Karen said...

That blankie is so amazing! The carrots look pretty amazing too. You are a woman of many talents! Have a great weekend :)