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Monday, March 26, 2012

Rainy Weekends

I'm very grateful that last weekend I planted my garden.  This weekend it rained and rained.

I've been working on a few little projects...some for fun and some for a swap I'm doing.  Both have required some stitching.

In this little bugger, I see one wayward square I need to fix and line up, but the stitching is coming along.

Yesterday while the hubs was at the gun show, I scurried down to the farmers market to see what could be had for some canning before the rain started.  I found tomatoes for $1/lb.  Granted these were the ugly ones, but still good and fresh and not bruised.  I brought home 10 pounds.  I decided I'd give my hand a try at making homemade pizza sauce.  We eat a lot of homemade pizza at home. Figured I could make them that much better.

Ten pounds of tomatoes takes a bit to blanch, peal and puree.

But in the end I got 12 jars ready to go into stock for pizza making.


Regena said...

pretty stitching and yummmmmmm. I love pizza!!

Denise said...

Wow! Homemade pizza sauce! You are always amazing me with your canning. I've never tried it but maybe someday! Looks yummy.

Karen said...

Man I miss pizza! *sigh* Love your stitchery :) You are one talented lady!

Yarni Gras! said...

wow ! I love your embroidery...and am jealous of your homemade pizza sauces....