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Monday, February 11, 2013

Honey Do's

My husband has been after me for a year to make him "gun quilts".  These are really gun mats rather than a quilt.  They are to cover the top of the shooting tables at the gun range so the guns don't get scratched up.  He keeps everything looking new and I mean everything.  No wear and tear for this man - he has me for all the wear and tear items.

Camera Roll-773

I was suppose to only make he and I one, but somehow he put in orders for his friends too, so I ended up making 4 of this style.  I still need to make 3 of the other style.

Our "hunting" dog had to get in the picture to help me model these.

Camera Roll-774

They are made out of canvas of which I really don't ever want to quilt again...and I won't even mention doing the binding with canvas to you.

Camera Roll-775


Regena said...

I bet he loves them!
and I know of the canvas torture of which you speak. lol

Karen said...

That is dog-gone awesome!!!

Denise said...

Those are great. And of course Chris wants one now!

NadineC said...

Oh those are very cool! So nice to be able to make those custom items for our peeps. Years ago, my son had me make "Pistol Cozies" for all his pistols - drawstring bags that are made of red fleece on the inside and denim on the outside. Keeps them all safe and pristine in his portable gun safe. I'm sure your quilts will be used for many years to come and there WILL be jealous gun enthusiasts who will want some for themselves :-)

Scrapatches said...

I looked at these and at first thought they were aprons ... lol ... until I saw that there were no "apron strings" and decided I best read more. Now I see. Looks like you have made something very useful and appreciated. Way to sew ... :) Pat

val said...

oh wow! At first glance I thought it was a man apron! Glad I read the post. But now I need a photo of it in "action" so I can see how it is used!