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~Winston Churchill~

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Traveling and Making Things

I have a new hobby that I only do when I travel. Needlepoint. It serves many purposes. First, I have something to do as I don't sleep well on planes. Second, I have something to show after wards for my time spent. Third, people don't talk to you when you have a needle flying.

Last September when were visiting Bowen Island, Dorothy our good friend, helped me learn how to needlepoint. There is a great needlepoint shop just behind Doc Morgans where I bought my first kit. While out touring on the Moxie, Dorothy gave me pointers and showed me how to do the basics.

After that trip, I tried to work on it all the time, but realized that time would just slip away. So then I tried doing it while I was traveling. It was perfect - compact, easy and mindless.

So here it is on my last flight, I was sitting in the Munich, Germany airport doing the last few stitches to complete the piece.

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