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~Winston Churchill~

Monday, August 30, 2010

Today's Surprise

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I received this wonder bouquet today at my office. My darling husband sent it to me. Aren't the flowers beautiful? I love the smell of the stargazers in my office.

My husband quit smoking, drinking and coffee back in June. Let's just say life has been a bit of challenge this summer. He's slipped now and then but I think he's on track.

He's doing this with medication and we have 4 more weeks of the "program" to get through. Wish us luck because it sure hasn't been easy for either of us.

Good thing he didn't ask me to quit drinking coffee too or the whole world would be having issues :D.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

AIW Swap Packages Sent!

AIW swap
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So I know I said I was going to get these in the mail on Saturday - well, I have a husband, and a job, and two little wiener dogs that some how prevented that from happening. I also just wasn't happy with Absolem. He got a make over last night and now he's cute and I'm ok with sending him off.

Not to be diverted from my mission - both aprons have now been sent to their new homes and owners.

I'm kinda sad to be sending them. It signals the end of this wonderful swap.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Apron Swappin'

I've 100% finished my partner's apron and tuck ins for the Alice in Wonderland Hot Mama Apron Swap. Even have the shoe box for it all to go in. Just need to wrap it up and make it all fun and pretty.

The apron I am angeling for Stacey is 95% done - just need to fix one seam that I saw yesterday and add some antennae to Absolem.

Then I can pack them both up and get them on their way to their new homes.

This has been the most fun swap in a long time. On the main swap blog - everyone has been posting pics of their fabric, tuck ins, aprons, and just sharing. This swap has so much sewing talent in it!

So come Saturday, my boxes will be mailed and on their way so I can get busy stalking my mail box for mine!! :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some days

are just better than others. Some days are just made for perfection; others not so much. My goal is to focus on only the good things and how blessed I am. I want to ooze the honey of life.

happiness - it's the new black!