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Monday, February 7, 2011

Busy Weekend

On Saturday, my husband had his ring and cap ceremony for the Scottish Rite. It was an interesting ceremony - lots of ritual and circumstance. Here is before the ceremony and his after picture with his new cap.

On Sunday, I made this little sun dress/coverup for our upcoming trip to Mexico. Regena told me about the pattern so I went and go it and sewed it up. What do you think? My hubs said it needed somthing so it didn't look too much like a tent. So I added some ties in the back to give it some shape in the waist. What do you think - did it work?


Karen said...

Totally cute! Do those hats light up? Awesome!

Crazy Amy said...

they should light up ! as part of the ceremony, I had to place the hat on his head and then put is breast pocket emblem on him. He then gave me a Rose. it's was all very sweet.

Karen said...

That is sweet. How wonderful that you were there to share that with him :) He looks proud :)

Regena said...

I would have to see the dress on you to determine the tent factor. ;) However, I still think it's cute and the tie is a nice touch.
Dontcha just love ''secret'' society rites? I remember going to a rainbow girls thing with my friend. hoop and la!

Amy said...

I love the dress. It makes me dream of warmer days especially with all the snow here in Boston!

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