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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Can you Tell What it Is?

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I stitched this last night while watching TV. I picked up the new Cross Stitch Magazine and this was one of the free patterns in it. I had the aida from my thrifting with Sue over the Christmas break, tons of miscellaneous threads that I'd picked up at JoAnn Black Friday sale - so I went for it. I like it but do you know what it is?

Over the weekend I did this little piece. It's a part of the Welcome Bow pattern that Karen sent to me. But I did a few alterations to make it more specific to what I want to use it for. I'm pretty happy with the little chicken.

Also, the hubs read my post on the truck quilt. He advised that I need to design the quilt for a specific spot in the guest room. Also, he put in a order for two table runners for the guest room (no he doesn't live in there, but he dresses out of there and keeps his toys in there - bows, arrows, helmets). He suggested using some of his old Carhart jeans. I'll have to marinate on these for a while.


Karen said...

I'm gonna go with "it's a cute little owlie sitting in a tree" It's so cute! I love the heart! So where is the picture of the chicken?

Crazy Amy said...

wow you're quick. I added it...and another comment on the truck from the hubs!

Regena said...

I thinks it's an owlie too!!
As for a manly guest can get a plain table runner and embroider some flyfishing flies on it., the would embroider least I think so!
Also, cammo trim or debbie mumm has some cute cabinny stuff out right now with lots of fish and bears.

Crazy Amy said...

my watering can handle got Wonky

jillytacy said...

It's definitely a sweet little owl in a tree. I knew it right away.

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