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Friday, April 8, 2011

I need to blog more !

I've been remiss on blogging lately. Only when I have a spare minute here or there. I apologize my blogging friends. I have one little challenge and it's called work. Lately, I've spent my early mornings on the phone with Europe, the middle of the day working with Atlanta and now I've added in Asia to my evening conference calls.

Somewhere in there I have to cook, sew, garden, clean, laundry, actually talk to my husband instead of snuggling up to his snores.

I also have absolutely get over to see Babs at Beehive to get my hair done. It's horrendous right now - really.

Look at how well this little notebook Regena sent me matches my work coffee cup. I bought the cup on our honeymoon in Victoria, BC.

Here are my Tom's under my work desk...see I do live here!


Karen said...

Cute shoes, cute toenails, cute are just all around cute!

jillytacy said...

Love the shoes and I'm jealous because it's still too cold here to wear open toe shoes.
It sounds like work is really crazy right now. Is it always so busy or is it more seasonal? Either way I hope you get some time to take a break real soon! Sounds like you could use it.

Regena said...

I believe I need some cute shoes too.
and I am glad my notebook matches your cup. LOL

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