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Monday, April 25, 2011

Less Travel means I have a problem

I'm not traveling as much this year for work and it's been a very nice break. However, it has lead to two things happening (1) I see all kinds of things at my house that MUST be changed/fixed/updated/painted (2) My garden is becoming an obsession.

I know this doesn't sound like real problems, but it can be more expensive than traveling let me tell you. Buying paint, paint stripper, driving to El Segundo just to buy one particular plant - the Peony! Trust me it's adding up.

The benefits are blooming in the front yard this year. I have had time to do a full on Grub Worm War and so far I still have plants that are alive. Now if the grasshoppers will just stay away.

I, however, need a 12 step program from buying plants. I am just out of room now in the beds and keep eye balling the grass going "if I take it up 6 more inches out, I can get more flowers planted." This will not go over well with the hubs if I start ripping up the lawn.

Even the little side yard garden in the back is full of plants. I sacrifice the fennel in order to have a good spot for the peony I brought home. Here is the view now and the few bare spots are where I have seeds planted.

I'll end with my French Gray Shallots - I can't wait for them to finish up


Regena said...

Looks loverly!!!
The nice weather all the time means you can grow stuff all the time!!!
Have fun in the danger zone!!

jillytacy said...

There are far worse things to be addicted to! And look how beautiful your gardens are. I wish you could come to my house and plant things here. I tend to kill the plants and have plenty of bare space.
By the way it's funny but my word verification is "stinks". I think that's a confirmation that my lack of a green thumb is a tragedy!

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