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Friday, December 16, 2011

'Tis the Season!

Happy Friday everyone! A little update here. Some of you may know I have Bruxism (teeth grinder). I've had it for as long as I can remember. The last 4 years I've been seeing an Oralfacial Pain Management specialist. I've googled this guy I don't know how many times making sure he's not a "quake". He is everywhere in published books, papers, medical journals - both in the US and abroad. I've had some good things from my treatment. He was able to finally make the piercing ear pain go away, I've been able to get through regular dentists appoints to fix some bad teeth I'd neglected because my jaw was miserable. He'd told me when I first went to see him(long story but all dentist and other docs before him wanted to do surgery immediately) that he wanted to avoid surgery at all costs.

So here I am 4 years later without surgery and I've had some successes. Now about a month ago or two ago, he replaced my night guard with one for the upper teeth to try to pull my bottom jaw forward to stop some of "popping" of the disk in my jaw. Since then I've had nothing but pain and inflammation. He's done steroid shots into the jaw and I've taken two rounds of prednisone to get it under control. I saw him yesterday because now the jaw "grinds" in it's joint. I don't think it would be so bad except I can HEAR it. The sounds just reverberates through my head.

So he wants to get new xrays (last ones done in 2008) and see how much the jaw is deteriorated. He said that now that the steroids have reduced the inflammation there is nothing "cushioning" the joint and that is why it's grinding - I almost want the inflammation back..Ha! Anyway, he provided me with some pain meds, muscle relaxers, etc yesterday to keep me comfortable until the insurance approves the CT of the joint. This doctor has seen on his off days before and even offered to see him today and Monday if need be - the university is closed even. I have his cell and email numbers and have always been encouraged to call if it gets out of hand. I really appreciate that. So I today it feels much better - but that could be because of the muscle relaxers...or it could because the muscle relaxers let me sleep last night. Either way it's better today.

The moral of this story is simply about wanting Soft Food recipes. Soups, mashes, blender - you name if you have something you enjoy - please either post or email me the recipe.

Ok enough about me. I got a happy package in the mail yesterday from my swap partner for Aunt Pitty Pats Christmas Stocking Swap - Donna! It's just awesome. Here are pictures of the wonderful things she sent me. Today is my deadline to mail and I"ll send to her at lunch today - it's all packed up and ready.

Love this sewing ornament!! So cute.
She packed that stocking full! Love it

Thank you so much Donna and I hope you enjoy your package as much as I enjoyed yours.


Karen said...

Sorry about all your painful struggles! Love your swap goodies! I'm sure they brought a smile to your sore little face :)

Regena said...

Wow, I had no idea you hurt so much. It never shows....ever! Such a trooper!! I hope you gt pain free soon.
Your swap package looks fun!
I need to mail mine today!!

jillytacy said...

This sounds terrible! I hope you are feeling better and that things are being resolved!

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