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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Curse of the Chicken and Dumplings

The first time I went to make chicken and dumplings (CND) I made it how my grandma made it, with little round balls of dough for dumplings.  However, this was not how the hub's grandma made it.  This lead to quite the heated discussion (aka argument) on how this needs to be done.  Then the next time I made them like I thought his grandma made them...but "too" thick"..this lead to another heated discussion.  Then the next time the broth was too thin and this lead to a heated get my drift.  The dang things were cursed!  We banned them from our house in an effort to avoid arguments for quite some time.

Then this week I got up the gumption to try again. Low and Behold! we got through the making of them just fine! Even got through dinner just fine.   Only comment he made was that maybe the dumplings could cook a little longer next time..I was ok with that as I may have rushed things because it was 9 o'clock by the time I spooned the first bowl and I was hungry and tired.

Have you ever had a situation like this before because, to me it was the oddest example of pure stubbornness on both our sides that created this mess!


NadineC said...

Oh my...I'm thinking I would have dumped the entire mess on his head after the second go-round, LOL! I occasionally get a few little "constructive criticism" comments from the family, but for the most part, they know they'd better just eat it and smile or they might not get fed the next time, haha. I DO admire your stick-to-it-iveness to get it right, Amy!

Regena said...

I am totally with Nadine on this one. I am not near as a good a wife as you!

Karen said...

Looks tasty!!! I'm with you on this one. I aim to please. It's a curse :)

Denise said...

And that is one of the reasons I am a "trophy wife" and let Chris do all the cooking!

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