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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I hate glue...

in all shapes and forms.  Now I know that spray bast for quilts is great stuff and all.  Up until this little gem of a quilt, all my projects have been relatively small.  The undertaking of spray basting this queen size quilt sandwich just about caused me to say "this ain't fun".

This is the spray bast I'm using.


Here is the first step, basting on the backing to the batting.


Yeah right, there were a few wrinkles I decided I'm OK WITH!


I'm sure the quilt police will tell me later on, that I'm gonna regret that, but they don't understand my true hate of glue, sticky substances on my hands...drives me insane.

I got it done, and only just wanted to drown my sorrows in a cool beer after rolling around on the driveway for an hour putting this together.



Karen said...

There are days when I wish I was you neighbor! You crack me up :) Did you ever get that beer?

Denise said...

Haha! I didn't really think you were serious when you said you had "glue issues"
Definitely a beer or stronger, moment.

Regena said...

oh yeah, stiff drink time. lol I could have sat in a lawn chair with an iced cold glass of tea and watched. the he he

Marcia said...

I feel your pain Reggie :-)! I do not like to touch ANYTHING gross. I have issues!!! Get yourself a box of disposable gloves like they have at the doctor's office. These gloves are my friend and they do not cost a lot of $$. I have to wear them when I make meatloaf, etc.