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Friday, June 11, 2010

View from SFO Int'l terminal

As I sit at a slightly sticky highboy table in the Firewood Cafe of the San Francisco international terminal, I see concrete and lots of it. I see the free way packed full of cars this Friday afternoon. The hills in the distance are hazy and brown dotted with green swaying trees.

On my table lay an empty lipgloss box from what I got a Sephora here in the airport, a half full beer and an half eaten personal margarita pizza.

Yesterday, I met my sister here at the airport and we drove to Manteca, CA to visit our grandmother. Three weeks ago she was in a car accident and at 90 years old, any accident is a big deal. Her sternum was broken and she is in some pain.

We spent last evening sitting on the floor of my aunt's house with my cousins and their kids laughing and talking and enjoying time together.

Today, we too my grandmother and aunt to the Mangy Moose for breakfast and have a wonderful experience. Good food and a fun around the table teasing each other. I feel very blessed to have this live and this experience.

I'm pondering a doing a spirtual retreat to an Ashram to detox my system and center myself and hope that I am able to work this in soon.

The view is full of sunshine and I wish I were home or outside.

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