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Monday, January 10, 2011

Something New in 2011

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I have slowly been teaching myself how to knit via YouTube video tutorials. When I was in Seattle, Darling Susan (husband's cousin's wife) took me to Ana Cross Stitch in Anacortes. She planned it just right for their annual year end sale too. I got lots of great silk thread for stitching, some patterns and books. Then I strolled through their yarns...and fell in love with this 100% knobby wool yarn. I spoke with a very knowledgeable staff girl at the shop about it and how best to get started and she helped get the right size needles and gave me a great link to with tons of free patterns and help.

So far I have perled one row to give the end curl and and now knitting a basic knit stitch 18 stitches across until I make it long enough to be called a scarf.

In my efforts to try something else new, I made Braised Oxtails last night for dinner. For Christmas the hubs got me a beautiful Le Creuset Braising pan (in flame of course). I used it to make the oxtails and they came out wonderful if I do say so myself. Served them with rice and roasted beets.

What did you do new?


Regena said...

I will be learning embroidery because there is an awesome quilt top I MUST have!!
I will also be learning to be less of a procrastinator!

Karen said...

I cut my bangs......*sigh*

I envy your knitting skills and your new braising pan is awesome!

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