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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spring into Sewing!


Ok so most of you are either looking at snow out your windows or your teeth are chattering from the cold. So I thought I'd blog about something warm and sunny - Spring! Now that's it's dried up here in SoCo, I need to stick some bulbs in the ground in my garden. I did get my shallots all planted and some have started to sprout! I digress - back to spring sewing.

My idea was what would you be sewing to celebrate spring? I mean it's really just around the corner so if you are going to make something, you might want to get a plan right? For me, I want to make some simple beach cover ups (holiday coming in Mexico) and maybe a new gardening apron. I made these a few years ago out of my hubs old work jeans, but I gave them all away and didn't have enough left to make myself one.
Garden Apron
I'd also like to sew a new table runner for the living room cabinet - something bright and cheerful.

Tell your ideas, maybe I can use your inspiration to actually sew in flip flops instead of woolly slippers.

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Regena said...

I would like some nice cotton/linen sleeveless shirts. I have one I LOVE but it is on it's last legs.
Maybe even a nice, lightweight denim dress, strappy and just past the knees. Maybe even a wrap around to cover my generously sized bathing suit. :-)

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