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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Who knew comic books would save me?

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I was slowly being buried by bits of fabric, with no where to hide. When Karen mentioned that Regena has said that she'd read on Totally Tutorials about using comic book backing boards for making mini fabric bolts. Karen posted hers after she'd gotten them all bundled and I loved how it looked. I ordered mine last week so I could have them this weekend for a major craft room overhaul. I love them!

See how tidy they look in the drawer? They are archival too so they won't harm the fabric.

I got mine on Amazon.


Regena said...

Looks like the pups are clean tuckered out after helping you fold all that fabric. LOL

Good job!!

Looks great!!

I need me some too!

Karen said...

Nicely done! You and I have a few fabrics in common :) Weird huh? GMTA!

Crazy Amy said...

Yeah those pups got plumb wore out watching me stich and sew and fold. I really like the boards- they help force to be neat!

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