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Monday, July 26, 2010

Alice in Wonderland - Apron Update

I've been using a pattern that I bought from Sugar Pie Chic's Etsy Store. I love the apron. Love it dearly.

So here it what I have done so far for the AIW Apron Swap. It's the skirt portion with the waist band pinned on. I have the bib and ties ready to be added, just lacking the time to finish.

I added in a another skirt panel over the main skirt - so a kind of apron on the apron - in black eyelet. The red underskirt kind of jumps out through the eyelet holes. The geometric pattern of the accent fabric makes it all kind of fun. I'm going for the artsy interpretation of the Red Queen. The picture doesn't show it well but under the band on the bottom I added a layer of black tulle too. The jumbo ric-rac is on the eyelet hem.

Does this scream "Off with her head"?


Little Messy Missy said...

Looks great!

Crazy Amy said...

Thanks - after seeing all the posts on the swap blog I was beginning to worry I'd gone off too far and that it was just not going to work..sigh

Debbie M said...

That better be MINE! Everyone in my family is on the S-list. They better look out should that apron come my way :)

Crazy Amy said...

thanks Debbie - it sure was fun to put together - now I'll just add a few finishing touches and it'll be done.

Tulsi said...

Your AIW apron is sooooo dang cute!! LOVE it. The one for your hair dresser's is cute too.

Anonymous said...

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