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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cupcakes, Cherries and M.E. Apron Swap

Yeah! I was excited when I came home to a package today. Actually, I had 3! One was a new skin for my new iphone 4G! One was a selection of christmas buttons for my center piece for the August project for the Christmas in July. But the third, well the third was my Apron from my partner Crystal in the Cupcakes, Cherries and M.E. Apron Swap.

It's a sweet apron with a story. This was Crystal's first swap and she had a mishap at the end - the iron scorched it! Gasp! Everyone's worst nightmare. She was able to salvage the apron with some crafty applique work.

She include some wonder ME sparkly accents, adorable ME nail files, so sweet cupcake toppers and note cards. She included some much needed recipe cards that I just love.

Thank you Crystal and welcome to swapping.

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