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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anyone Make Dryer Sheet Quilts Out There?

Last summer when I was up at my Aunt Nancy's in Oregon, she taught me how to make dryer sheet quilt squares. They are super easy and what a way to upcycle all those used dryer sheets!. One day I want to tackle one of these. I found this online and really will work on it - some day. I promise.

Always amazed at what people dream up. Look at this beautiful quilt square.


Tulsi said...

Our quilt store here had two different days of making quilts with used dryer sheets. I took 2 classes there , but that wasn't one of them. Maybe I'll catch them next year. A friend who took that class really liked it.

Crazy Amy said...

I like the idea of not throwing all those dryer sheets away. One day I hope to just do it ;)

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