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Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Like A Warm Big Belly

My pig was an epic fail. I had dreams of making this cute little red pig to go along with my AIW apron swap - sacrificed my red cashmere sweater (it was a few years old and now I live in sunny southern calif so not many opptys to wear it). I stitched, I sewed, I mixed hand harvested lavender and scented rice. I tried so hard. I tried 3 pigs.

But my pig looks like a rat. Think I'll salvage the scented stuffing to make sachets for my closet.

poor little piggie.


Debbie M said...

I never seen a Red Rat--

Crazy Amy said...

@ Debbie - me either which is why I'm so disappointed in my lil' red piggie...sigh

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