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~Winston Churchill~

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Method

I've touched on this in the past. But as I work more and more into my inner crafter, I'm finding I am evolving in my creative methods. I now look at burlap with a whole new desire. That I see how linen just may be the most perfect fabric out there but with it's own share of angst.

I look at something in my house that just isn't working right and ponder about making it slip cover or what fabric I have on hand to drape over, around or under it. Then I think about what the pattern pieces would look like.

What is the method of being creative. What does it mean to you? Is it just a form of expression, does it manage your stress or does it oooze from your very existence?


Regena said...

Well, it doesn't manage my stress unless I am hand sewing the binding on a quilt.
I have to create. It's not like i have a choice, it's who I am.
As for the question: what is it?
It's D, all of the above. It oozes, it's expressive, it manages and it just plain feels good!

Karen said...

I can never get past the smell of burlap :) I guess I've been "creating" since I was a child. I'd turn my back to the TV and design dresses for my tiny doll out of kleenex. I have to agree with Gena....this is who I am. I love learning new things (except knitting) and when I can't sleep, I design things in my head that I want to make until I can sleep again. I see flat folded fabric and I can see what it will be. I guess I'm an oozer and I do find peace in creating.