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Monday, November 1, 2010

Sunday Sewing Means Monday Mess

So I worked on a table runner yesterday. Remember those fat quarters I bought for the FAS Autumn swap? Well, I decided they'd make a great table runner for this cabinet in the front room. I found the friendship braid quilt patter and used that.

I did some free motion quilting on a section - more to get the practice in than to do a design. I quilted the rest in straight lines.

For the basting, I used the spray I bought last week to see how that works. It worked well just next time I will be more careful with overspray on the extra backing so it doesn't stick to everything as I'm trying to quilt.

Everything was great until I came in to my office/sewing room and found the disaster I left yesterday when in the heat of creativity.

Worse part is I've made the runner too wide by about 2 inches. I swear I measured it twice...


Karen said...

That runner is truely adorable! And...your mess is not that messy. You must be one of those neat freaks :)

Regena said...

I totally agree with Karen.
Cute and not that messy at all