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Friday, October 29, 2010

Holiday Fun


What are the things you look forward to the most this time of year? Halloween is this weekend and that triggers the "Holiday Season" when all things begin to run-a-muck.

Is the good food you get to make and eat on Thanksgiving, is it Black Friday shopping, the football games with leftovers, the wrapping of packages or visiting with family?

For me I like doing a little bit of all of it. To me that makes it festive. I enjoy the cooler weather, the holiday music in the stores, the great smelling candles that come out. I love the seasonal flavored coffees. I just don't like too much of any one thing - too many long check out lines - too much holiday music - too much wrapping - I want just the right amount of each. I want to do holiday tea at the Four Season's again. It really makes the season bright.

Being that we live far way from our families it has always just be "us" for the holidays. We enjoy it but we miss all the craziness that family brings. Which is why this year we're diving in. We are trying to get to my husband's family for Christmas weekend = there are a lot of family up there and it will be some holiday madness for sure. I really love all of them - they have been so kind and warm to me. I am truly fortunate to have married into their family.

On that note tell me what you like the most?

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Karen said...

Love that photo! Are you the little girl in the front? I have to say that I do enjoy making the Thanksgiving meal, but for the first time last year, my daughter and DIL each made something and it was wonderful. You will never find me shopping on Black Friday. Ever since my days of working crazy hours, I found the joy of shopping online and I've never looked back. I only step foot in a mall maybe once or twice a year and then only when I have to. I love making gifts.....but I don't particularly enjoy wrapping them. Christmas Eve is my hands down favorite day of the year. Always so much love and joy together with the fam. And now with all the grandsons it takes on a whole new meaning. I hope you have a super wonderful Christmas together with your family this year!

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