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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sewing Rituals

I read this over at Ravelly. It's about your sewing rituals. It was one of her older posts about sewing rituals. I thought I'd write about mine.

1.) I always use my angle arm magnifying lamp over my sewing area. Mostly for the extra light and the lense for seam ripping.

2.) I sew barefoot or in socks.

3.) I behave as if I'm working in a sweat shop. Head down, focused and as fast as possible.

4.) I sometimes listen to music but mostly it's just the hum of my machine.

5.) I can't seam to learn that the ironing board is not a good cutting table.

6.) I make a disaster of my craft room and refuse to straighten it up until the project is complete.

7.) I keep my little fiskar fine point scissors at the machine for trimming threads.

8.) I keep all my scissors at my sewing table within easy reach.

9.) I keep my bobbin holder next to my machine in case I need to speed load.

10.) My seam ripper holder is "stuck" to my sewing table with double sided tape so it can't be moved, lost, or otherwise AWOL.

When I take a stretch break I'm usually all bound up in the sewing hunch.

But it's soo much fun.


Karen said...

Too funny! I need an angle magnafying lamp! My "sewing foot" is always bare with a slipper nearby in case it gets cold in between stitching. My bobbin case is in arms length. Couldn't live without my seam ripper, not just for the obvious reasons, but I use the tip to guide the fabric alot of the time. I always have my ironing board out and the iron hot. Sometimes I listen to music, but mostly not. Because my craft room is small, my computer is next to my machine, so I can check FB while I sew :) Sometimes I loose a pattern piece that I just had in my hand and it takes me 20 minutes to find out where I put it! Stretching? You're supposed to stretch? Have a great day Amy!!!!

Regena said...

Well, I prefer to have one shoe on my non-sewing foot and the bare/socked foot for my pedal.
I have an ott light for extra light.
I have all my tools in a longaberger spring basket and since I take my sewing other places to work, I have lime ribbon with polka dots all over everything. I have a pair of large finger holed scissors, 5" craft, by my serger and sewing machine. I never take out my 8" gingers unless I am going to use them and then I always put them back in their case cuz they are pricey and I want to keep them another 12 years. Sometimes music, sometimes tv but mostly quiet. And I have far too many pincushions to be helpful, but I don't like mixing my pins on the same cushion.
Hand sewing is a whole 'nother can of idiosyncrasies. LOL

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Ha! This is great. I sew like you - nose down to the work and as fast as possible, sewing room a complete mess until the project is finished.

Happy Stitching!

Crazy Amy said...

ohh i didn't event think about the hand sewing aspect of this but I have a slew of rituals there too

Yarni Gras! said...

I'm so with you, especially number 6! Sometimes my entire house is consumed with projects in various stages! I think with the sewing part I don't actually breathe.

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