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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Process of Creativity

I was thinking about how I go through a process when I want to make something. Especially, if I don't have a pattern or a guide. On sewing blogs I sometimes see where the design has been drawn out. I will occasionally scribble out a sketch of what I want to make.

My process is one that works or mulls inside my head for days - sometimes weeks. This week I was chatting with Karen and Regena about an apron idea I've been thinking about. One where the bib buttons on and off so it can be a full and/or half apron. I'm sure this has been done before, but I don't have a pattern and I'm pretty sure of my design right now.

In my mind this apron skirt is mostly white (not a good apron color). It has splashes of bright color stitched here and there. The bib is mostly red with some white dots or flowers. The attachment of bib to apron is by a row of big red buttons - probably 4 shiny buttons, 1 inchers. The ties and waist band are some sort of fabric with all the colors - white, red, yellow, green, blue and the ties are wide and long for double wrapping for a bow in the front. I see some bright felted flowers somewhere too.

None of this is written down on a sketch pad or scrape of paper you see because it's all in my head still.



Karen said...

Sounds adorable! Can't wait to see it when you complete it! Love the photo from your last post, by the way!!! Are you the youngest?

Regena said...

I don't want to wait!!!
Are you going to make button holes or use button loops?
I am a sketcher myself. LOL
I need a checklist so I don't forget anything and I don't have too much unsewing to do. LOL

Crazy Amy said...

Karen I am the youngest :) it's good to be the baby. Regena - not sure yet.

Cloth Doll Lover said...

Hi Amy, i have tried emailing you a couple of times regarding the prize for the September challenge on my were the lucky winner. please email me by going to my profile and click email.
thanks...oh love the colours in these by the way.

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