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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sweat Shop

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So I am trying to use up this quilt panel I bought a while back. I want to make a quilt with cutting the blocks out and then into some other sequence. I've been playing around with a Bella Red jelly roll and some yardage of red with white polka dots. I still haven't figured out my layout.

However, here in Amy's sweat shop I have some helpers. As you can see they think the polk dots are the way to go. Anything I'm working on becomes they're play ground/nap area/I'm just going to star at mom spot.

I love them little weiners but am never surprised when I find a hedge hog squeeky toy in my scrap bundle where they buried it.


Karen said... cute! My yorkie Molly had a pink hedgehog that she carried all around. I still miss her. I got Molly when my kids were suddenly independent teenagers and I was sad when I realized that they didn't need me for anything. So I asked Jose for a dog that would love me unconditionally and never grow up and leave me. I never stopped to think that one day she'd be gone too. Man was that hard. I said I'd never want another dog.......and 4 months later I got Barkley :)

Regena said...

my cats do the same thing. It's like a pattern paper or a piece of fabric is like and invitation to a day spa. LOL

yeppers, animals is like family, I still miss a couple of my pets too.

Karen said...

Ever try to work on a jigsaw puzzle with a cat in the house?

Crazy Amy said...

Dott is my smart one...she's the possum killer. She loves to retrieve her toys or best of all her ball. Dazzi (daisy) just wants attention. I love them so much and spoil them rotten! Our first Doxie died 2 weeks before our wedding. we were heart broken. that was in September. We picked up Dott on Dec 23. We added Dazzi two years later to keep Dott company.

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