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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shawnee's Autumn Apron Swap

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So I ordered these fabrics because I loved them. I had ordered them last weekend and they arrived sometime this week while I was in Miami. Boy was I happy to open up the package when I got home to find I loved them even more. But, I'm not so sure they are "autumn-y" enough for the apron swap.

May need to ponder on this or a day or so before i start cutting out the apron pieces.

Otherwise they'd make an adorable small lap quilt :).


Karen said...

Quilt or can send me either one :)

Crazy Amy said...

you never know with me Karen :) I love to do surprises. But due to my schedule they are so random.

Karen said...

Are you trying to threaten me with random goodness? :)

Crazy Amy said...


Karen said...

I am no stranger to danger :)

Regena said...

somehow I didn't think Karen would have a problem with the red. LOL

maybe the polka dot or the brown butterflies fading into a more wintery fabric just like fall changes from warm to cold.
I really like the one with the flowers and the red background

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