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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who do you sew for?

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So much of the time my projects are for specific people - a swap partner, my sister in law, niece, dogs, you name it. Rarely have I made myself something except maybe some pot holders, or the cover for the mixer and recently an apron.

I have bought fabric to make the following:

one for BFF
one for husband cousin #1
one for husband cousin #2
one for next door neighbor

Other Projects
one Crazy Dryer Sheet Quilt for the hubs
pot holders and kitchen towels for a friend and step mother
polar fleece cover for pad of the dog house
a tunic for myself for vacation in February
a tree skirt for Christmas for our new house
table runner for Thanksgiving for our tradition

This is what I currently have on my list. This list loves to change.

So who do you sew for and what UFO's do you have?


Regena said...

Like you, I give most everything I do away. Tons of quilts and aprons and sock monkeys. countless costumes for the kids and a truckload of costumes for said kids' performances. (18 dresses for the last dance show)
I am trying to remedy that. LOL It isn't working yet.
Right now I have some me stuff (yea!)
skulls and crossbones apron
new chemise
copy the fas 12 apron cuz hubby really likes it
hopefully, a victorian outfit for me for Dickens' fair (

not me: apron for a friend
two baby blankets
twins size autograph quilt that needs quilting
wedding dress/corset
sock monkey for auction and one for my bro
dance recital coming up next month but I don't know what needs to be done yet.
Will join an Christmas apron swap if one is posted. LOL

fun but work: outfits for Dickens' fair performers

Things will probably get added. LOL but that's it for now.

Karen said...

Funny how we give it all away :) I was thinking the other day about how I used to paint Christmas ornaments and sew baby cloths and sell them at the Cypress Swap Meet when my children were little. It brought extra income into our home while I was a stay at home mom. It's weird to think that somewhere in England someone has my ornaments on their tree. As for right now, I have so many projects (and fabric) that I plan to make for myself (like all the fabric I bought to remodel our trailer) but I always have other things that seem to get made first. For Christmas gifts I still have to make 5 aprons, 14 tiny felt dinosaurs and 3 playmats complete with volcanos, another big orange dinosaur, 2 sets of pjs, 4 pillowcases, and 4 adult pajama pants. I'm sure there's more that will get added to the list as time goes on :)

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