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Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's Raining Again

Sounds like I don't like it but I do. I miss rain living here in Southern California. It's rained all week and it's been wonderful except for the traffic.

I woke up kind of early and the dogs and hubs are still sleeping so I've been in my sewing room scheming about what to start on next.

Being that we hope to go back to Seattle sometime during the holidays, I want to finally sew up the aprons for my husband's cousins. So I got the fabric out that I bought for them and pressed it. One cousin wants a full apron - the greens and orange fabric and the other cousin wants a half apron the salmon and linen fabrics.

I also was struggling with my Christmas quilt. The flannel backing just didn't really tie it all together like I hoped. I pressed it and the binding down and it looks much better.

Now I have this "fall" fabric 1/2 yard stack that I bought thinking I'd make a table runner. Well, I pressed that too thinking the rain is in my favor.

Then there was that stack of beautiful fat quarters that I bought thinking it would work for FAS 12 swap that I didn't use. I pressed them too and they may get worked up with that red jelly roll I bought for the Cherry quilt because I think it will be pieced up with the polka dot fabric.

Rain - yeah - you can stay for a while.


Regena said...

love the stack of retros!!!!
you can make three ruffle aprons with 5 ruffle layers and probably three pieced bibs. you'll need a little extra for the ties.
make each ruffle 5 3/4 wide and, depending on person, the bib (for a halter, should be approx 18-20" wide. Just sayin.....I happen to have all the measurements worked out for some strange reason. LOL

Regena said...

oh, 5.75w by 44/45 long

Karen said...

Love all that fabric! I just want to roll around in it. :)

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