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Monday, October 25, 2010

Sewing Mishaps

I worked on this apron for Cousin #1. See post from Saturday. It's has ric rac, crushed velvet trim, top stitched pleats.

Than I added a linen ruffle to the bottom edge and wanted to hand finish the back with some lace hem tape. So I started trimming off to 1/8" to the seam so the hem tape would lay flat.

When it happened. I nicked the skirt with the points of the scissors. I got so frustrated and I mean boiling mad at myself. Is it fixable - yes but I'll need to applique, add a linen flower, or another row of ruffles. Or something! I was almost finished except I wanted to hand stitch the back of the waist band and the hem tape.

Now it's all jumbled up on my sewing table waiting for me to come up with the right solution.

Madness I say!


Karen said...

It's really beautiful! You have a wonderful eye for co-ordinating fabrics. I also love that you sew with the recipient in mind, taking their likes and dislikes into consideration. That shows your heart :)

Regena said...

Where's the booboo? O don't see it. And orange is a great color you'll think of something creative and it will look even better

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