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Thursday, October 21, 2010

What does your Pin Cushion Say About You?

I troll through a lot crafting and sewing blogs. Every so often you see the persons pin cushion. It made me look at my pin cushion. I see this as being one of those personality assessments. Like the shape of your lipstick tells type of person you are.

My mom always had the classic tomato and strawberry pin cushion.

Then there is mine. I bought it off Etsy when we first moved into the house and I dusted off my mom's old Singer Touch n Sew sewing machine. I liked mine so much I ordered two more pin cushions for Christmas gifts for my husband's BFF's wife and my BFF.

When I came up with this blog subject, I found all kinds of pin cushions. I like this one a lot. The Eyeball! Isn't that great? Maybe that I like it because it's almost Halloween.

I also found this pattern that I think may just need to focused on as a back up pin cushion. I am suddenly in love with chickens.

Here is Karen's Owl - he pops up in a some of the pictures on her blog. She made him isn't he adorable?

I flipped through Regena's blog convinced she didn't use a pin cushion and then I found this. A box of pins...Apparently, when she needs to she uses pins in bulk. She'll be sending over a picture of a pin cushion so I can see it soon :).

Here is Regena's Pin Cushion ;)RegenaPinCushion

On Val's website she showed this adorable Buster Brown pin cushion she received in a swap from Fran. Isn't that the cutest thing you ever saw?


Regena said...

I use a lot of pincushions, but when I am doing A LOT of pinning, I have them in bulk. I'll post pics of my pincushions. LOL

Regena said...


Karen said...

I love your pincushion Amy! I've fallen in love with felt lately. It's really fun to work with. I'm looking forward to seeing what Regena does with the pincushion challenge we threw down :)

Anonymous said...

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