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Thursday, October 28, 2010

On going Christmas Projects

Last year I learned how to cross stitch. The year before I learned how to needlepoint. Two things I had always wanted to know how to do. My first needlepoint project I learned how to do from Dorothy (she's married to the hubs second cousin) up on Bowen Island. Behind their marina is a wonderful needlepoint shop that I bought a great kit of Canadian wild flowers. One afternoon we went out on Dorothy and Rondy's boat the Moxie and while the men chatted and got us to the other island, Dorothy helped and taught me to do the needlepoint.

It took me 9 more months to finish it. It traveled with me to Europe, Brazil and I don't remember how many other places.

I then found a local needlepoint shop that I just adore. They are so patient with me and help me to learn. They looked at my finished wild flowers and were confident it was ok to bind into a pillow. It now rests on the guest room bed at our house. The next year I did a black and tan dachshund for my hubs for Christmas in memory It too rests on the guest room bed.

So I felt like I'd "learned" needlepoint so I wanted to tackle cross stitch. I went to my local shop and said I need to learn how to do this. They sat me down and showed me the basics. How to make the back look as good as the back, how to pick floss, find the center, etc. I'm really enjoying it.

Here is my first project. Black Santa by Birds of Feather patterns. Now I'm working on Red Santa - then Green and Gold Santas. I just need to figure out what to do with the Santas after I get them all done.


Regena said...

wow, you do great work. no one would know you are a beginner

Crazy Amy said...

ahhh thanks Regena.. I am still a beginner and get stumped. I want to learn how to do other stitches in needlepoint and how to do my own cross stitch designs.

Karen said...

The needlepoint pillows are beautiful! I love to do needlepoint too! Love the Santa. He looks very European. The 4 Santas would make really cute pillows. I have a neat pattern idea for finished cross stitch I'll have to email a photo to you. Also there is software to design
your own cross stitch patterns. You can even use it with a photo (the girls maybe) and turn the photo into a cross stitch pattern.

Karen said...

Software is called PC Stitch.

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