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Monday, October 18, 2010

Rainy Days

This weekend has been a dreary one. Gray skies and light drizzle. Last night I slept with the window open. It was so nice to hear the rain in the middle of the night. I know this must sound silly to some people, but it just hardly ever rains here in Southern California. I miss the rain. I moved here from the Seattle area and I really like the climate up there. Here it's always perfect blue skies and 70 degrees and nice coastal breeze. It never changes except for the few days of the year where it rains.

We have two fireplaces in our house - not sure why - and we've never used them. However, I may use the one in the living room tonight. Would be great to look forward to at the end of the day.

My only issue with rain here is the traffic. It will be a long slow drive to the office today. Fortunately, I have 2 conference call early this morning that I will do from home and then drive in.

My garden is loving this moisture. The picture is my husband riding in the rain in Vancouver Canada. I took the picture from the warmth of my dad's car.


Karen said...

I'm with you on the weather! I would be completely happy to live somewhere that it rained alot. It's my fav! And can I have one of your fireplaces if you're not using it? This is the only house we've had with no fireplace and I miss it sooooo much. I love the smell and the sound the fire makes! Oh...I wanted to ask you....don't it make you nervous to see your hubby on his motorcycle? I know my husband rides to and from work everyday..but actually seeing him on the road, when I'm in another vehicle makes me nervous. Do you ride with him? I know....lots of questions :)

Crazy Amy said...

we've never used the fireplace(s) in our house. never seems to get cold enough, but i may tonight as I'm home alone again. My hubs has ridden motorcycles since he was a kid - I'm not nervous for him. Since I got my motorcycle license, I rarely am a passenger anymore. I do love my Vespa for errands. We used to ride more together, but our schedules just don't give us enough time. He'd ride his Harley and I'd be on my scooter :)

Karen said...

Bummer that you are alone tonight. Good thing you have your little weiners :) Isn't it funny how you don't feel alone when you have fur babies? My husband has always wanted a bike, but when we were younger he was a crazy man and I knew I'd be a widow at a young age if he ever got one. For our 25th wedding anniversary, I told him that he should get the bike. He's been a happy biker ever since. It's been a little over 5 years. His newest one is a Yamaha V-star cruiser. He loves it. In my dreams I am a biker chick, but the reality is that I have only been out with him about 10 times and only short distances. We've talked about joining the V-star bike club that meets here in BP, but we haven't done it yet. We'll see if I "man up" :)

Crazy Amy said...

My hubs has a harley and honda sport bike and both of us have vespa's. My car has never been in the garage and never will with all the motorcycles in it. We've done long trips on rented bikes and it's fun as long as the weather is good. I should visit your chuch. i've gone to one by our house a few times but i just haven't found a church home. i really miss my church in seattle.

Karen said...

That would be awesome! You'll have to let me know when you want to come by. I am usually up in the nursery on Sunday mornings, but if I knew you were coming, I'd make sure to be downstairs. If you are interested in hearing any of the sermons, you can go to the Branches website (there's a link on my blog) and hit the sermon launcher. My hubby preaches and once a month our son (also a pastor) preaches. We've only been in our building for about a year now. We met in a hotel conference room for 5 years before we finally found a building.

Regena said...

wow, am I the only one who isn't a motorcycle mama and loves the boring weather?
me and my red pt, we cruise just fine! :-)
Hubby loves motorcycles but would rather boat. I like going fast on the boat!

Crazy Amy said...

it's ok Regena. Boats and Bike are about the same...holes in the water you throw money into. :) Mine also does long bow archery.

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