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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quilting and other life challenges

So last week I was in Miami for two back to back events for work. One was an internal business review and one was a VIP customer event. I was responsible for both. The customer event was my last event for the company I work for as a full time marketing coordinator has been hired. She's great and I'm very happy she's here. In some respects I'm sad but in others I am so very happy.

When I finally got home Friday night it was 1 am Saturday and I popped a muscle relaxer and crawled into bed with my wittle family. I'm not sure if they got up and came back to join me but I slept for 11 hours and woke up with the dogs. The hubs has left me sleeping. This is rare and I fully enjoyed and needed it.

Spent the weekend catching up on stuff and on Sunday night we finally celebrated our anniversary which was while I was in San Francisco. We had dinner at Mortons and the Grand Marnier Souffle was to die for good. Then we went to see Ira Glass at the Grove. It was one man show highlighting the NPR program This American Life. It was really good and nice change of pace.

Now on Monday - I spent alllll day in my sewing room catching up on things. I made the apron for my partner in the FAS Autumn Apron Swap, some matching pot holders and then I attempted the impossible. The mini quilt from the Homestead Hearth's Prairie Women's Sewing Circle. I actually did it and it looks pretty good for a beginner quilter. I'm almost excited for the next installment.

I also finished up the christmas quilt top - just need to make the sandwich, quilt and bind.

Now I'm struggling to head into the office ;)


Karen said...

It's really beautiful to see how much you love being at home, taking care of your family and being creative. There are alot of women who would rather be at work. I hope for you that one day you could be at home full time :) In the meantime, I'll wish you a great day at work and I hope it goes by fast for you today :)

Regena said...

I don't even know how to spend all day sewing. LOL
Sounds like you had a great weekend.
Happy for you!!!!

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