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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sewing Machines

When we bought our house, I bought a new (used) sewing machine. It's a Bernina Virtuoso 150 QE. It's been wonderful. As long as I use Gutermann thread. If I try to use Cloaks & Clark - well then it becomes a fiasco of thread everywhere. It's as if the tension is wrong when it's really right.

I've tested this theory out by sewing with Gutermann all purpose thread, then with Cloaks and Clark - on the same fabric, same tension...truly different results

I'm almost ready to toss all the Cloaks and Clark thread I own and replace it with Gutermann just so I don't have to have that mess on the back of my fabric and in machine...uber dusty.

Am I dreaming this up or has anyone else had this type of machine thread love triangle?


Regena said...

It's not you. Machines are, indeed, alive. They are persnickity and will give you a load-o-grief if they don't get their way. Kinda like my teenage daughter. LOL
Mu pfaff does not, will not, no way, never, ever, like rayon thread. It is a knot fest from h-e double hockey sticks if I need to add a bit of sheen to something.
Once again, it ain't you!!!

Rhonda said...

Amy, I just saw this post about thread and wanted to respond. Coats & Clark threads are just not that wonderful in the machine....I really don't know what it is but there are many other threads to choose from....FuFu(weird name but very good thread), Florinai...probably not spelling that correctly, Sulky...just to name a few....I did a post or 2 a few weeks back on the thread thing.....also, your needle size has alot to do with it. My group and I are experimenting with topstitch needles, denim needles because of the large eye, the 80/12 needles....I suggest's not your machine and it's not you as Regena said!!!

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