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Thursday, September 9, 2010

National Tie One On Day

This is an apron from last years FAS Garden Apron Swap I made for my partner :)

After reading over at Karen's blog about the number of Saturday's until Christmas and had a minor heartache that there are only 14 - I decided I'd plan something for the National Tie one On Day. Not sure how they correlate, but they do in my crazy mind (hence the "crazy Amy" moniker.

National Tie One On Day is November 24, 2010.

My Plan - I have 1 apron cut out for my bff, I have fabric bought for my husband's cousins, and then I'll do one more for my neighbor who is so adorable - and then I'll do a typical swap box of goodies and surprise them. Don't worry, they never read my blog. I don't even think they know it exists.

So the question is - what will you do to celebrate NTOOD?


Amy said...

Just thought I'd drop friends call me Crazy Amy, too. Don't know why, I'm perfectly SANE! At least I was until I read that there are only 14 more Saturday's until Christmas. ;)
I forgot it was NYOOD. Shame on me, I didn't even wear an apron while fixing dinner. Shame on me!

Crazy Amy said...

Hi Amy! Yeah I think I earned my title! :O but more for silliness than anything.

Regena said...

First off, did you mail your partner the apron? LOL

I haven't totally decided. My neighbor recently lost her job and her soon to be unwed daughter and children have decided to stay on with her instead of moving back to UT. There is also a lady a church who's family life seems to be one drama after another and yet another with serious $$ issues. Heck, I might do them all if the hubster doesn't mind!

Tulsi said...

I have several neighbors and church members who could use a pick me up. I think if it works out, I'll deliver them at midnight so it will be a surprise. I hate attention. But can I hold a straight, normal face if someone says something during the "good news" minute at church?

Regena said...

hahahhahaha keep a straight face, You kill me Tulsi!

Karen said...

Hi Amy! We're going to use the National Tie One On Day as a women's ministry event. Some of the ladies have been asking me about doing a sewing tutorial. Since my Mom is a retired professional seamstress, I'll have her help me and our church is really small so if everything works out, we'll have maybe 10 women. We'll do a Saturday apron tutorial in early Nov and then they can all give their aprons away the day before Thanksgiving. I found a super cute and FREE online pdf apron pattern that takes less than a yd of fabric and only an hour to sew. I'll do a post on my blog in the next few days with a link.

Crazy Amy said...

I'm doing a Junior League event at the local shelter in October and the lady that heads up the center does so much work she's on my list too for an apron!

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