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Friday, September 3, 2010

Panic at the Disco - I mean Vet

I almost had a nervous break down today. My baby, Dott the Wonder Dachshund had a biopsy at the vet. She has 2 tumors that have "sprung" up rather quickly. Our vet is great, but she really freaked me out when she checked out Dott. All worried, and didn't say much just kind of broodish and highly concerned. I had to wait for the biopsy. I had tears of worry. This is my baby, she's my best friend (or one of). She sleeps against my hip each night. She's in my lap when I'm stitching away. Her head rest on my feet when I'm at the sewing machine.

She is very important to me. Some people may find this silly, but she gives me such joy and happiness with her little kisses and tail wags.

So for now one of the tumors is a wait and see if it goes away on it's own. If it doesn't then she'll have both removed and hopefully put this all behind us.



I love those two doggie's and I pray all will be ok with both of them!!
I know how easy it is to get completely in love with an animal--usually it is cats for me---but now I am looking for a small dog!!!
Hang in there--
Hugs, Di

Crazy Amy said...

Thank you Di. I've had cats too and loved them the same way. Good luck on find you a small dog. I can't say enough good things about dachshunds... :)

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