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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Living it

There are just days that are better than others. There are days that just can not be put into comparison of a normal day and then there are days that just don't make the cut. Yesterday was the oddest day. I had a fabulous walk with the dogs. But then it hit me. This cloud of gray and exhaustion. Was so incredibly weird. The hubs was like what is wrong you just don't seem to be "here". I could only define it as being exhausted. Which didn't make much sense to me as I'd kind of slept ok that night.

But then today came around. What a great day. Lots of sunshine and feeling of eyes wide open. I've had a super long power walk with the dogs, finished up laundry, straightened the house, sanded down the stool I've been refinishing, painted the magazine storage boxes and moved uber cactus. I slept great.

Could sleep really be the key to all of this? I do believe sleep quality greatly impacts my mood and energy levels. Now how to regulate that, I'd be happy with somewhere in between the two days if every day was the same, but this back and forth is just ridiculous.

OK - so I'm going to go make some sort of apple something to make the house smell wonderful.


Karen said...

So glad you're having a great day! I love those kind of days :)

Regena said...

jealous!! teen angst going on here!
And yes, I do believe good sleep helps. wish I knew how. LOL
Keep having great days!

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